Can I Talk Now?

Jermain Hollman Acting Advice Clichés (And What to Do)

March 16, 2021 Jermain Hollman Season 1 Episode 2
Can I Talk Now?
Jermain Hollman Acting Advice Clichés (And What to Do)
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Interview with Actor & Fitness Coach Jermain Hollman.  Listen to Jermain as he shares his  personal story  to LA. Jermain gives helpful tips how any actor looking to get started in the industry some advice. Be sure to listen all the way to the end. To find out what awkward experience Jermain had on set.  Be sure to rate & comment!

Jermain Hollman

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Today's guest is actor, producer, first, boxing and fitness coach. Second, he was on a TV show called Colony, Call Center, Rich Africans. Was also featured on Rob Zombie's feature film 31 and he wanted won an award for their short film called Bougie Ass Brandon. You can find him on Instagram at.

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Double J nice ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you Jermain.

00:00:37Speaker 2

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And then.

00:00:39Speaker 1

Hey OK, what's going on?

00:00:41Speaker 1

Thanks for having me here.

00:00:42Speaker 2

Thanks for coming.

00:00:43Speaker 2

I want to ask you Jermain, as an actor coming from New York to Los Angeles, what advice can you give actors coming here and getting started coming?

00:00:53Speaker 1

From New York like it maybe is the mentality you always come in with a game plan.

00:00:57Speaker 1

You know that?

00:00:57Speaker 1

OK, I need I need to do this.

00:00:58Speaker 1

Any I need to do this?

00:00:59Speaker 1

I need to do that.

00:00:59Speaker 3


00:01:00Speaker 1

Before hand you do a little research right, but you gotta realize what do you want.

00:01:05Speaker 1

So do you just.

00:01:06Speaker 1

You can't just say I want to be an actor, so and it's going to happen.

00:01:10Speaker 1

It's like, well, take a class understand.

00:01:13Speaker 1

How to act or become better?

00:01:14Speaker 2

Because, but how do you know which class is fake class?

00:01:17Speaker 1

This is great.

00:01:18Speaker 1

I mean, you get the opportunity.

00:01:19Speaker 1

Here is the auditor class, so if you don't know what it is you usually before you invest your money in the sign up for class and you get to try out a class like they may.


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00:01:29Speaker 1

Do it.

00:01:30Speaker 1

You know, there might be a small minimal fee?

00:01:32Speaker 1

Or maybe 15, maybe 20 bucks for that class so you know you pretty much like paying that just to sit in the class and just like try that and see what fits with you, because some people might have a good experience with one teacher and not a good experience with the next.

00:01:37Speaker 3


00:01:42Speaker 3


00:01:44Speaker 2


00:01:44Speaker 1

'cause we're all different and that's totally fine.



00:01:45Speaker 1

So I would say you know take a class, try to be, I mean.

00:01:50Speaker 1

Not in this pandemic world, but when they get out of it trying to go to events where people are creating content, an understanding that try not to make yourself 1 dimensional as an actor or how to.

00:01:50Speaker 1


00:01:50Speaker 1

00:02:00Speaker 1

Do you want to produce?

00:02:01Speaker 1

Learn how to shoot?

00:02:02Speaker 1

You know how to shoot.

00:02:02Speaker 1

Learn how to write and learn how to add right, or he'll learn how to edit.

00:02:03Speaker 3


00:02:05Speaker 1

You're gonna find like a pod of people creating content.

00:02:08Speaker 1

Learn how to do lights, learn how to edit.

00:02:10Speaker 1

Yeah, learn how to shoot it.

00:02:11Speaker 1

Learn how to direct 'cause all that is going to make you a better actor because you're gonna understand every aspect.

00:02:17Speaker 1

There is not lighting.

00:02:18Speaker 1

You know OK, where is the direction?

00:02:18Speaker 3


00:02:19Speaker 1

Where is my?

00:02:20Speaker 1

Placements, hot woman hitting one mark every time.

00:02:22Speaker 1

I know where the camera is OK, they shooting multi camera shoot one Cam I did over the shoulder shooting so you know you know what's going on so you're not looking around like where am I doing things always have to be creating so sometimes that you you won't.



00:02:31Speaker 3

Where am I?

00:02:31Speaker 3

00:02:37Speaker 1

You know it's hot and cold with acting right.

00:02:39Speaker 1


00:02:39Speaker 1

00:02:39Speaker 1

You you auditioning a lot when we you might not be, you might be feeling a lot 1/4 and then you're not for two months. But guess what? You have an iPhone or a Samsung phone. Whatever it is, you get a couple light and a buddy. You can shoot a skit and that just keep your skills sharp.

00:02:54Speaker 2

Yeah, what made you gravitate towards pursuing your career in New York as an actor?

00:02:59Speaker 1


00:02:59Speaker 1

00:02:59Speaker 1

Well, I guess it would start in college I didn't have.

00:03:02Speaker 1

Have I wanted to do some type of acting or in college?

00:03:06Speaker 1

But I was playing basketball so that takes up all your time.

00:03:08Speaker 1

You know I studied communications with film and television so I did have the opportunity to like write scripts and perform and learn how to shoot on 8 millimeter in all digital format.

00:03:19Speaker 1

So I kind of enjoyed that aspect when I got in New York and I didn't go straight into.

00:03:21Speaker 2


00:03:24Speaker 1

Right into acting.

00:03:25Speaker 1

So I like.

00:03:25Speaker 1

00:03:25Speaker 1

So like you know, I went to undergrad, finished that, went to grad school and I'm saying I'm going.

00:03:29Speaker 1

In corporate America, and I did and I worked in Manhattan, as you know that the Children's Publishing Company and I remember I was like I wanted to do it, but I just didn't know I was gonna find time and I had a pretty bad knee injury 'cause I used to like play like freshmen leaving New York and it was competitive like X like cuz players and I heard my name is like.

00:03:43Speaker 1

Like like, yeah?

00:03:43Speaker 1



00:03:49Speaker 1

I need a new hobby, you know I I don't know how I need something to do.

00:03:51Speaker 3


00:03:53Speaker 1

I think you know I'm gonna do some type of acting.

00:03:55Speaker 1

So I was just like I'm gonna sign up for improv class.

00:03:58Speaker 2


00:03:58Speaker 1

So I signed up for improv class in New York, Gotham City Improv and just kind of fell in love with it.

00:04:04Speaker 1

Just being natural wasn't scripted at the time 'cause I was like.

00:04:07Speaker 1

A little worried that script.

00:04:08Speaker 1

It would be so much I don't know.

00:04:10Speaker 1

I'm just having fun and it just being in the moment and then things start small.

00:04:13Speaker 2


00:04:13Speaker 2

00:04:15Speaker 1

Then you get excited and you want to do more.

00:04:17Speaker 1

So from there you know I started like doing a lot of shows.

00:04:21Speaker 1

We did a lot of shows.

00:04:21Speaker 1

We had a big following with my improv troupe and I had a buddy asked me like hey, I know a friend that shooting the film.

00:04:28Speaker 1

You wanna audition?

00:04:29Speaker 1

I was like sure, yeah.

00:04:31Speaker 1

And then.

00:04:31Speaker 1

00:04:32Speaker 1

And at the same time I had a friend that asked before the film is like, hey, it just acting class.

00:04:36Speaker 1

I think you would be good at it.

00:04:37Speaker 1

So it was an acting class.

00:04:39Speaker 1

Was Co taught with me, Robert, Cedric, Kathy, Russell, Roberts, Cedric is you know, soap opera Theatre.

00:04:41Speaker 1


00:04:41Speaker 1

00:04:44Speaker 3


00:04:46Speaker 2


00:04:47Speaker 1

He's actually curious Cedric brother though you know Kieran and Kevin Bacon, you know?

00:04:52Speaker 1

Is there brother-in-law and then yet? Kathy Russell was like on a Broadway show called the Perfect Crime. Again, perfect crime like she is in the Guinness world's Record of not missing performances.

00:05:00Speaker 2




00:05:05Speaker 1

So maybe an athlete.

00:05:06Speaker 1

These guys were strict.

00:05:08Speaker 1

They demanded a lot.

00:05:09Speaker 1

They will definitely put you on the spot and it doesn't really.

00:05:11Speaker 1

In India?

00:05:11Speaker 1

00:05:13Speaker 1

It was about learning, learning and feeling comfortable on stage.

00:05:16Speaker 1

So every day going to the Snapple Theater and Broadway just learning and just being open, taking notes and getting out there so.



00:05:24Speaker 2


00:05:27Speaker 2

Do you have any awkward or funny moment during your career as an actor?

00:05:31Speaker 2

You want to bring to light, all right?

00:05:33Speaker 1

So we moved to Los Angelus.

00:05:35Speaker 1

Going to do background work.

00:05:38Speaker 1

I'm just going the day at work.

00:05:39Speaker 1

So I'm gonna sign up.

00:05:40Speaker 1

Go to central casting, get out there, connect with people, and that's important.

00:05:44Speaker 1

Thing is like you are going to meet other film makers and people that's doing.

00:05:48Speaker 1

Projects to yeah, that might be in the background, so don't knock background what it is because you can definitely use it as a tool if you like new to it.

00:05:56Speaker 1

City to get out there and meet people so anyway, so I did background an.

00:05:57Speaker 3


00:06:00Speaker 1

We were doing some showing, you know I don't know.

00:06:03Speaker 1

There's like you are going to interact with the link but it was like a magician show or something and I was like OK and the guy was like OK he's going to try to escape and you gotta tormentum and I'm like.

00:06:16Speaker 1

He's like in a straitjacket, and he's like trying to get on this cage and get out.

00:06:20Speaker 1

And like, but they're not recorded for sounding like.

00:06:22Speaker 1

Tickle his feet.

00:06:23Speaker 1

I'm like what?

00:06:25Speaker 1

He went embedded.

00:06:26Speaker 1

I'm tickling anyone feet so you know, as in Hollywood, you learn in like 2 days you sell your soul.

00:06:33Speaker 1

Sunday I'm tickling some persons feet 'cause that's what the director needed.

00:06:37Speaker 1

Somebody take your feet 'cause this is not a business if you were.

00:06:40Speaker 2

You certainly were kind of.

00:06:40Speaker 2

00:06:40Speaker 2

Certainly were kind of.

00:06:40Speaker 2

00:06:40Speaker 2

Freed kind of movie was this.

00:06:42Speaker 1

It was not.

00:06:42Speaker 1

It was like a, you know.

00:06:43Speaker 2

The Cinemax movie not.

00:06:44Speaker 1

It was so weird.

00:06:46Speaker 1

Trust me, my parents, my family would have been proud of me.

00:06:48Speaker 2

And even when Chaz was shooting his me

00:06:50Speaker 1

No no no.

00:06:52Speaker 1

No, it was just like this Daredevil magician was trying to get out all these scenarios that he's really like he's.

00:06:57Speaker 1

Seems like.

00:06:57Speaker 1

00:06:59Speaker 1

Hearing the bombs, but whatever it was, but it was definitely like.

00:07:00Speaker 1


00:07:00Speaker 1

00:07:03Speaker 1

I thought I'd studied acting.

00:07:05Speaker 1

But it was definitely under.

00:07:07Speaker 2

A learning curve curve.

00:07:07Speaker 2

A learning curve.

00:07:07Speaker 1

Yeah, it was a learning curve.

00:07:09Speaker 1

Like, well, OK, I understand that that's not for me, tickling feet but.

00:07:12Speaker 2

Yeah, gotta start somewhere.

00:07:14Speaker 1

Yeah, if yeah, I don't know what that.

00:07:14Speaker 2

Get a problem or even what.

00:07:16Speaker 1

I don't know what that footage is, but trust me, it will come back.

00:07:20Speaker 2

Yeah they all.

00:07:20Speaker 2

I always do, it's kind.

00:07:20Speaker 2

00:07:21Speaker 2

It always did.

00:07:22Speaker 1

Of a it's gonna come back.

00:07:22Speaker 2

Yeah, always does.

00:07:25Speaker 2

Co starring Sarah Wayne Callies for most of those people that don't recognize that name, you might know her as Lori Grimes, The Walking Dead, so.

00:07:36Speaker 2

I'm going to play this clip with you and her and then I want to talk.

00:07:39Speaker 2

About it OK.

00:07:42Speaker 3

Let me go.

00:07:43Speaker 3

You got the wrong guy.

00:07:47Speaker 1

Oh yeah, see.

00:07:49Speaker 1

I don't snitch don't snitch.

00:07:50Speaker 2


00:07:50Speaker 2

00:07:51Speaker 2

Walk us through that scene so the listeners could kind of understand what's going on in that scene.

00:07:57Speaker 2

What was your process I?

00:07:59Speaker 1

Always was taught like where you coming from and where you trying to go, you know.

00:08:03Speaker 1

So I mean where you where you coming from is like what just happened, right?

00:08:06Speaker 1

All right?

00:08:06Speaker 1

00:08:07Speaker 2


00:08:07Speaker 1

To you and what are the stakes like?

00:08:09Speaker 1

OK, I'm in this scene I'm getting being caught after curfew.

00:08:14Speaker 1

So what does that mean?

00:08:15Speaker 1

Like Oh my God I'm gonna arrested and I have a family and then I'm throwing down and I see a lady I don't know who's out after curfew and I don't know what her intentions are an I either can give myself up.

00:08:27Speaker 3


00:08:28Speaker 1

And bring her down or just you know so I.

00:08:30Speaker 2

Mean you bring it down.

00:08:31Speaker 2

Bring her down.

00:08:31Speaker 3


00:08:32Speaker 1

So, so for something like that and something like that you don't know.

00:08:38Speaker 1

So you kind of use that as like.

00:08:40Speaker 1

How high are the stakes?

00:08:41Speaker 1

Yeah, my processes just pretty much just be in that moment and understand what that person is going through.

00:08:46Speaker 2


00:08:49Speaker 2

What would your biggest challenge about taking on any role?

00:08:52Speaker 1

Be, I mean, the biggest challenge is dramatic.

00:08:56Speaker 2

Bring your line.

00:08:56Speaker 1

Like you know, it's funny when you're rehearsed, right?

00:08:59Speaker 1


00:08:59Speaker 1

00:09:00Speaker 1

You you kind of remember?

00:09:01Speaker 1

I mean again, you are gonna don't be afraid to to make mistakes.

00:09:05Speaker 1


00:09:05Speaker 1

00:09:05Speaker 1

Always say on and feel like make a choice.

00:09:08Speaker 1

If you make a choice is not a mistake.

00:09:09Speaker 2


00:09:09Speaker 1

But if you just like pause and stop, then you messed up.

00:09:12Speaker 1

Yeah, yeah, I think I just think.

00:09:13Speaker 1

Then it looks bad.

00:09:14Speaker 1

I think.

00:09:14Speaker 1

Just think just the hardest thing it would be.

00:09:17Speaker 3


00:09:17Speaker 1

Just thing is like really.

00:09:19Speaker 1

Staying grounded, your excitement get over it caught up like you.

00:09:20Speaker 1

It seems like.

00:09:20Speaker 1

00:09:22Speaker 2


00:09:23Speaker 1

You could just be like whoa where you going with.

00:09:25Speaker 3

This I don't know.

00:09:26Speaker 3

I'm just here to say lies.

00:09:28Speaker 3

And it's like, well, you just said.

00:09:29Speaker 2


00:09:29Speaker 3

Wise, but you didn't.

00:09:31Speaker 3

You didn't connect alright.

00:09:31Speaker 2

Yeah alright.

00:09:31Speaker 2


00:09:34Speaker 2

Glory days, a short film that you.

00:09:34Speaker 1

Yeah yeah yeah, glory days you produce wrote.

00:09:38Speaker 1

Rower winning glory days.

00:09:39Speaker 2

Yeah, and I actually have a sound clip of glory days.

00:09:39Speaker 1

But yes.

00:09:42Speaker 2

OK, good old glory days.

00:09:44Speaker 3

It's not my ******* fault that this place is a dump.

00:09:46Speaker 3

Oh yeah.


Yeah, if it wasn't.


For this dump you would be homeless.

00:09:51Speaker 2

Yeah boy days.

00:09:51Speaker 2

00:09:51Speaker 2

So any good ol' glory days tell us about glory days.



00:09:55Speaker 2

What gave you the idea?

00:09:56Speaker 1

It was cool, so when I first got here to LA, you know, like I was trying to meet people and I I did a seminar about a meeting, casting directors and other directors and agents. And it's like a week long workshop with a lot of like probably like 15 actors from mostly from New York at the time they were making the move to LA an so.

00:10:10Speaker 2

Will he?

00:10:18Speaker 1

When I was taking a class I I met Justin Pierce who was there.

00:10:21Speaker 1

Who's you know, it's football player that played at Arizona State?

00:10:25Speaker 3

It is.

00:10:25Speaker 1


00:10:25Speaker 1

00:10:25Speaker 1

And you know, we we hit it off and you know he's a guy from Philly and he kind of you know, like, OK, we're about this act and someone you can meet in your community. Yeah, you know two ex athletes getting together. But that also had a creative passion and he knew another guy out here in LA in the Ronald Brown Junior, another athletic guy. And so.



00:10:45Speaker 1

You know we will come and take each others auditions or just like work with each other.

00:10:50Speaker 1

And I had idea that's like look we like ex athletes and we're past what we call the glory days of athlete.

00:10:57Speaker 1

That's you know after they retire unless.

00:10:59Speaker 2

Mike Tyson

00:10:59Speaker 1

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah we got that later but so we was like as I had ideas like let's get together I'm gonna write a story about these three athletes that are on the down and out and their past their glory days and they have to live together and find their way back up to some sense of glory. Or it is so it's about 3 athletes. Once a football player ones are Xbox around one's ex basketball player.

00:11:01Speaker 1


00:11:01Speaker 1

00:11:15Speaker 1

Right ladies?

00:11:15Speaker 1

00:11:22Speaker 1

And then you find out exactly what happens to it.

00:11:25Speaker 1

And why they fell on hard times and what are they trying to do to get out of it?

00:11:25Speaker 2


00:11:28Speaker 2

So nice yeah, where can people go?

00:11:29Speaker 3


00:11:29Speaker 3

00:11:30Speaker 2

To watch glory days.

00:11:32Speaker 1

That is currently.

00:11:32Speaker 1

00:11:32Speaker 1

That is currently being shopped around, so there's nothing online for glory days.

00:11:37Speaker 1

It's actually still doing a little bit of screening and trying to pitch it and trying to see if anyone want to pick it up for series so.

00:11:44Speaker 2


00:11:45Speaker 2

Koro, another short film which, if I'm correct, one award film was called Buzas Brandon.

00:11:51Speaker 1

Yeah I did not Co write it, but I hope I started in it and you know help produce Valeriu Dozier did the dividing into.



00:11:58Speaker 1


00:11:58Speaker 1

00:11:59Speaker 1

Director on that.

00:11:59Speaker 3


00:12:00Speaker 1

Yeah I have.

00:12:01Speaker 2

A clip I have a clip of that actually OK, let's let's let's hear Boosie as branded.

00:12:05Speaker 3

Because I notice that there is a buildup right around your mouth that likely shows up with your menstrual cycle.

00:12:13Speaker 3

You see the meat is adding to the overactivity of your sebaceous gland.

00:12:13Speaker 3


00:12:13Speaker 3

00:12:19Speaker 1

Bougie *** Brandon.

00:12:21Speaker 1


00:12:21Speaker 1

00:12:21Speaker 1

Who's a bougie?

00:12:23Speaker 1

You know tuiti?

00:12:23Speaker 3

You know?

00:12:23Speaker 3

00:12:24Speaker 1

You know, I think he's better than everyone and he just, you know, belittles everyone and talks down on him.

00:12:29Speaker 1

But for that scene out Brand is out on a date with Charlotte to a nice restaurant.

00:12:32Speaker 3


00:12:32Speaker 3

00:12:34Speaker 1

And it's, you know, a girl he met at the gym and whatnot.

00:12:38Speaker 1

And he's a vegan.

00:12:39Speaker 1

And he.

00:12:39Speaker 1

00:12:39Speaker 1

So, you know, she orders me, so he's like.

00:12:43Speaker 1

Paul, by this idea that she's eating meat and he's telling her the downfalls of eating meat that you know like it makes her have like break out on her face and like she got all these.

00:12:53Speaker 1

It's and looked terrible.

00:12:55Speaker 1

And you know, when you watch the scene which you find out like she is not happy about.

00:12:59Speaker 3


00:13:00Speaker 1


00:13:01Speaker 3


00:13:01Speaker 2

And this one award.

00:13:03Speaker 1

Best short, best screenplay and it's been not like a finalist in about 3 or 4 of am of these film festivals that around the country like down in Texas of Florida here in California too as well.

00:13:15Speaker 1

So it's getting playing and now for that.

00:13:18Speaker 1

'cause I'm gonna plug this one.

00:13:19Speaker 1

It's actually currently streaming on tubi.

00:13:19Speaker 1

We currently

00:13:19Speaker 1

00:13:23Speaker 2

What advice would you give yourself at the age?

00:13:26Speaker 2

Of 15 team.

00:13:28Speaker 1

God, I don't be afraid to do what you feel.

00:13:32Speaker 1

You know, I'm saying, because like sometimes you live in communities or households or you know people around you, they don't have the same dream as you, so they might tell you like why would you want to do that?

00:13:40Speaker 3


00:13:42Speaker 1

You know, I mean, make yourself happy, do it.

00:13:42Speaker 1


00:13:42Speaker 1

00:13:45Speaker 1

You know if you want to be creative, be creative if you.

00:13:47Speaker 1

Don't you, don't you?

00:13:48Speaker 1

Don't you try to find something that you're passionate about and it makes you know.

00:13:52Speaker 1

I always say that I'm gonna set it it's not working I like I can't believe I get paid to do this you know but don't.

00:13:56Speaker 1

This yeah.

00:13:56Speaker 1

00:13:58Speaker 1

Being handed like if you want to express yourself in a different way that people don't see you 'cause they're always going to try to put you in a box like for me instead.

00:14:06Speaker 1

So, like you're a basketball player, I'm like, well, no.

00:14:09Speaker 1

But I also have ideas and I have goals that I want to do outside of basketball or or athletics.

00:14:12Speaker 1


00:14:12Speaker 1

00:14:15Speaker 1

Do what makes you happy.

00:14:17Speaker 2

Which one thing that bothers you?

00:14:19Speaker 2

About the world today.

00:14:20Speaker 1

I mean with everything that's going on.

00:14:22Speaker 1

I mean in the world, it's.

00:14:24Speaker 1

I think it bother me.

00:14:24Speaker 1

00:14:24Speaker 1

Think it bother me?

00:14:25Speaker 1

Is how much time people spend being angry at people they don't know.

00:14:31Speaker 1

Yeah, you know, like you know, I, you know, I think the anger and the feelings have always been there, but I think not everyone has a platform and a voice.

00:14:40Speaker 1

And and unfortunately I could not.

00:14:41Speaker 1

We don't, didn't have a voice but just to be for me to say.

00:14:45Speaker 1

Well, this makes me upset.

00:14:46Speaker 1

I am going to go get my computer and write something up too so.

00:14:51Speaker 1

One that I do not know if he's even real and says and be angry at this idea because a they may not agree with me or disagree with me or whatever.

00:15:01Speaker 1

Or whatever it is, or just like I'm a person. Personally, this is my own personal feel like I'm a person like list is 7.1 billion people on this planet. You are we respect of what's going on. We're on a rock floating around in the middle of space and evidence like this like everywhere. Take the time, enjoy good moments, right?

00:15:04Speaker 2

Miller field

00:15:17Speaker 2


00:15:21Speaker 1

Tried to to make relationships try to be a better person.

00:15:25Speaker 1

Tried to leave your space or you're planning or your world better than.

00:15:29Speaker 1

When you received it, why?

00:15:31Speaker 1

Why, why?

00:15:31Speaker 1

Why are you angry?

00:15:32Speaker 2

Yeah, why?

00:15:32Speaker 2

00:15:33Speaker 2

Yeah, life is too short to be angry.

00:15:34Speaker 3

Why, why you?

00:15:35Speaker 1

Angry oh before breakfast.

00:15:36Speaker 1

I don't understand.

00:15:37Speaker 2

Yeah, yeah.

00:15:37Speaker 2

00:15:37Speaker 1

Yeah, I know so.

00:15:38Speaker 2


00:15:39Speaker 1

I mean that's what gets me upset like you know in complaining there's certain things that this is.

00:15:43Speaker 1

Complaining is one of them.

00:15:44Speaker 1

I think there's certain things you can't fix, right?

00:15:46Speaker 1

I understand that maybe you know like I'm never going to be able to do backflips maybe?

00:15:47Speaker 3


00:15:50Speaker 1

Backflips maybe I don't know, but I can try.

00:15:51Speaker 1

Maybe, but.

00:15:51Speaker 1

00:15:52Speaker 1

But don't complain, try to fix or if you see something, fire solution.

00:15:55Speaker 2

Find a solution.

00:15:57Speaker 1

Yeah, exactly.

00:15:57Speaker 1

If you're upset like you see someone has less than you and you're complaining about the fact they have less than, why don't you try to spend time with that person and to bring them up?

00:16:06Speaker 1

I think people really need not to feel jealous of the next person, but really, is the work together and bring everybody true?

00:16:12Speaker 1


00:16:12Speaker 1

00:16:13Speaker 2

Very true.

00:16:15Speaker 2

And my final question.

00:16:16Speaker 2

OK, what is your philosophy in life?

00:16:19Speaker 1

Good person, be a good person, yeah.

00:16:21Speaker 1

I mean that I mean what that people would be.

00:16:23Speaker 1

What does that mean?

00:16:24Speaker 1

I'm good, I'm like, you know.

00:16:25Speaker 1

Just be open to everyone's story because you know they're different than you or they do act different. Their lives are different. You know they where they're from.

00:16:29Speaker 1

You doing.

00:16:29Speaker 1

00:16:33Speaker 1


00:16:33Speaker 1

00:16:34Speaker 1

Who interact how their relationship with their parents are?

00:16:37Speaker 1

You gotta be a little open.

00:16:38Speaker 1

And I mean you don't have to be friends with everybody.

00:16:40Speaker 1

But you know, just try to be a good person, you know.

00:16:40Speaker 2

He may be a good person.

00:16:42Speaker 2

Yeah, nice.

00:16:43Speaker 2

Do you have any upcoming projects where we can, you know, find you keep track?

00:16:45Speaker 1

Yes, so cool thing, yeah.

00:16:48Speaker 1

So during this whole pandemic one of those things that we started doing on my wife and I, we we shot a web series called Cousin Room and see that on YouTube just right.

00:16:56Speaker 1


00:16:56Speaker 1

00:16:59Speaker 1

'cause in room TV.

00:17:00Speaker 1

And you know, they like short skit, it's about a a guest that comes in business in the House. My cousin role of that. Also I during this pandemic shot of feature film that slated to come out in 2021 or the death face first, the Bikini Beach Party or a film? Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, so that that was I was like work. I was like horror film party. Whatever happens I'm like this is pandemic go all. This was good so that was.

00:17:14Speaker 2


00:17:18Speaker 2

Work or film?

00:17:18Speaker 2

00:17:20Speaker 2


00:17:25Speaker 1

Fun fun, fun set to be working on.

00:17:26Speaker 2


00:17:28Speaker 1

What else just had a film called the contrast that's slated?

00:17:34Speaker 1

I think it was supposed to be coming out this spring that just passed, but because everything they had to push back.

00:17:40Speaker 1

So that was a good one.

00:17:42Speaker 1

That is all that's laid on top of my head.

00:17:45Speaker 1

I could remember but.

00:17:45Speaker 2

Uh Jermain hollman.

00:17:47Speaker 2

Find him on Instagram at double J.

00:17:49Speaker 2

Nice thanks Jimmy for taking time coming in speaking with everyone.

00:17:51Speaker 1

No, thank you.

00:17:54Speaker 1

Thank you.

00:17:54Speaker 2

Let him know your story sharing your story so you subscribe to can I talk now and good one we're we're.

00:18:01Speaker 1

Yeah yeah, yeah.

00:18:02Speaker 1

Here we're here.

00:18:02Speaker 1

00:18:03Speaker 1


00:18:04Speaker 2

Yeah guys, make sure you tune in for next week.

00:18:08Speaker 2

A brand new episode.

00:18:10Speaker 2

Make sure you follow me, subscribe can I talk now I'm out of here 

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