Can I Talk Now?

Justin Webb on the Killing of George Floyd

March 24, 2021 Justin Webb Season 1 Episode 3
Can I Talk Now?
Justin Webb on the Killing of George Floyd
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On this episode my college roommate Justin Webb talks about his personal views on George Floyd, hospice, and Eminem's diss track Zeus. He talks about the pandemic and how it has affected him and loved ones. He gives his personal advice on how to deal with Covid-19.

Justin Webb
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This is can I talk now today I got a special guest meeting all the way from Pittsburgh where college roommate played football together. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you, Justin what? 

Proper no big homie. 



What's going on? 

What's up? 

Ah man, just chilling man. 

You know me, you know how I get down out here I you don't know how everything that goes. 

Yes, yeah. 

Everything is good man, I'm just saying. 

Los Angeles, CA. 

Oh yeah, with the big times, huh? 

Yeah, I'm with the big times yes, so hang out in Pittsburgh. 

I see, you know, sometimes it's like a roller coaster man. 

Uh huh. 

You know, have your ups and you have your downs, but through it all you gotta stand young Lane and do your own thing. 

You know what I mean and then everything else will be on cruise control from there. 

Yes and everything. 

Yes, and. 

You, my friend, you have a very interesting career. 

Someone working in Hospice letter. 

Own a delivery tech for Hospice. 

So how long you been doing your job for it what it entails? 

Well, basically I've been here for about a year now, you know, so it's kind of fresh for me. 

Get out what it does entail is you know. 

Unfortunately, people pass away, and that's inevitable Ed with my position hard I play is I deliver beds to Hospice patients. 



So what I would do, I would little beds up if I'm not on call. 

I will load beds. 

Hospice machines. 

You know, go to these people homes, get their beds ready for him for when they come home for their final spots where they're going to be. 

You know how people like to be home when they have. 


A certain amount of time so they could just, I guess, passed away comfortably. 

I hate to say it like that, but my job entails as far as just like delivering the beds delivering the machines. 


Going in there, dropping off the bed, they pass away and they take that bed out. 

Or do you keep the bed in there? 

Yeah, I'll go back to the residents wherever it's at and take the beds out. 

Take the machine out, you know, bring it back or facility, clean it off very extensively and stuff like that. 

And then now with just like the coronavirus going on with this kovit, that's like it's even more intense that I have to. 


Do that, I'm full PPE. 

When I go in there from head to toe you know what I mean so yeah so I can get very mentally draining times. 



You know 'cause it gets sad when you see people pass away originally in person. 

Yeah, and you're probably working overtime to Dorn Covid. 

Covin, yeah definitely. 

How are you dealing with your stress going over it? 

And I try not to let it get to me too much, but again, you know I'm human. 

Uh huh. 


So it does. 


It plays its part, but for the most part I just try to conceal myself. 

It would be in, you know, socially distance and not going to too many places besides work. 

You know what I mean? 

Even sometimes I can't even see my kids because of certain situations as far as. 

Kovit you know 'cause it's my job? 

Aspect, yeah, you know what I mean. 

And I don't wanna put any downside risks of majority of the time. 

I am just working and in the house and then the gym. 

But does rare when you're stressed because you know the the field that I'm in. 

You really can't be around people 'cause you know you're out of high risk yourself with dealing with. 

With them with. 


I'm done with every day in and out, you know. 

What I mean so? 

The family allowed to visit these hos. 

What are they doing as far as preparing their loved one to pass? 

Are they able to come and see them like yeah? 

Edits to a certain extent. 

Uh huh. 

Do you know what I mean? 

At a certain extent, but you know, you still have the social distancing and all that you have to wear your mask and all that, but you know basically everybody tried to gets in there. 

You know, just like one of these at a time or something like that. 

Uh huh. 

Or maybe two to three people out of time. 

You know 'cause these guys, these people? 

On you know they're they're ready to pass on, so you know you want to make them comfortable. 


Most comfortable as you can. 

You know your family members come sporadically, so. 


Far is your job. 

Would you say you hate least about your job? 

But I hate least about. 

My job that's a good question because I really don't, even I I'm. 


I'm not even sure, probably. 

I would say probably just loading stuff up like little beds on into the vans and stuff like that. 


That's the least thing I hate about my job. 

I think it's really cool though, because I'm on my own all the time. 



You know what I mean? 

So there's right, I mean. 

It's really good to make you know the least staring out I would. 

I do this like is a problem. 

Just loading stuff up. 

Do you ever have a funny or awkward moment? 

Your job that sticks out? 

Ah yeah, I had a situation to. 

Where you know it was called, my duty was called to go and deliver a bed for patient. 



I was coming home, and I mean it's not funny. 

I actually it's like a miracle type thing because I delivered the stuff, delivered the machine, delivered the beds and all this and not not not, you know, when the patients come home they like you know. 

This is the last place they want to be. 

They gotta get comfortable in all this and that, yeah, well, I set up the stuff and everything like that. 

You know they gave her maybe like two days later. 

2 weeks later she was up and kicking up and running back, going, shopping and everything. 



I said 

Yeah, I mean, I was so happy because I like to see stuff like that and I don't. 


Yeah, that's a miracle. 

You know, I don't like, yeah, but at the same time it was like what the you? 

Yeah, you like you like you supposed to be dead right now. 

Know what I'm saying, yeah. 

What are you doing? 

I'm talking about Michelle shopping stop at Speedway getting gas stuff, right? 



Yeah, you supposed to be there right now. 

Yeah, they end up passing. 

Right, yeah, I don't know if. 

It you know, to my knowledge, I hope she still somewhere shopping. 

But I mean it, yeah. 

I thought I was that was that where? 

Awkward moment right there. 

Definitely is weird and awkward when someone tells you spells down. 

Yeah, but I think that's the grace of God too. 

Yep, Yep, that is definitely the grace of God. 

'cause at the end of the day God controls it all. 

Yeah, it was just weird for me doing what I do and going in there. 

Like wow, I've wanted. 

Yeah, how do you the effect it takes on you like everyday bringing a bed knowing that someone's last moment? 


Yeah, and this sometimes I might have 8-9 deliveries, 10 deliveries, those heavy, just like you know. My supervisor told me. She said. Well unfortunately people die. You know in a class on so this is just the nature of the business that comes with your position that you have to deal with better. So I'm not really hard. I think the hardest thing about it is just you know, doing going into these homes and. 



Residents and stuff like that. 

No one. 

You know what I mean. 

Time you talk to the people and it's some of the sweetest people that you would probably ever meet. 

You know what I mean? 


So I was like why I it. 


It takes a toll then you know, sometimes you reflect on your level. 


You know what I? 

Mean so the stress level could get very high at time. 

You're numb to it 'cause you've been doing it so many times that it doesn't. 

Oh yeah, definitely. 

I think in like maybe two weeks. 

I didn't seem like you know, you don't really see it, but you know with outcome will be once. 

Once I'm. 

It's kind of like if you could put it like kind of like I'm like the like the Reaper you know don't quote me on it but it's like on the right when when I come there you have it. 

Yeah, pretty much yeah. 

Yeah, it's over, yeah. 

Yeah, maybe that's another thing that at least like to. 

I mean, you know. 

I mean, it's just. 


Get funny syntax is when people see. 

It's like oh it. 

Had ************* comments, so I go but the family. 


Is already ready for it's. 

Just that sometimes people give you a hard look like I know you suppose. 


Why are you here? 

Yeah, I know you supposed to be here, but I don't want you here. 


At the same time you know what I mean so you know it. 

It like I said, it's a big roller coaster man. 

But yeah, sometimes two weeks might I? I don't seem all 10-12 maybe? 

18 people died, you know? 

Doronjo, but obviously gone up the body count. 

Yeah yes yes yes yes. 

I'm talking maybe I'm talking baby maybe 9 or 10 more deliveries on what I've usually ran. 

Oh man, so sad. 

Oh man, sad. 

So I'm pride like to when I get back I'll probably be up to like maybe 1515 a week. You know what I mean? Yeah, it's a lot and you know and then just sit there and think about it but you gotta do this and drop this off for pictures back up and go on to the next one. It triggers, it triggers something upstairs. You know what I mean, yeah? 


I I don't have times we haven't thought about. 

You know my my my, I mean is it? 

Yeah it gets rough. 

It definitely gets rough. 

What are you doing as far as making yourself more stable, more levelheaded when you're not on the job, considering you see all this, what are you doing? 



To keep yourself sane during this time. 

All my daughters talk to my daughter with my daughters are family. 

You noticed. 

Stay close to my family and I, you know me, I write. 


I write music. 

Here talking with Justin Webb, he's tech driver for Hospice and something unusual that you guys don't know about. 

Tell us where you got the name park from well. 

Originally you know my name is not that, but when I. 

Did come to college and we all. 


But an first floor suite one day, you know you know. You know Zirak now or other body from Staten Island's ihrig Norris. You not even rise up to record one time. I guess he must have walked past the session that I was in or something like that. Maybe on the six floor with dog or something he heard about it, he started hearing music. 

Uh huh. 

Uh, huh, yeah. 


It is like when you sound. 

Like 2 part with stepped up down. 

The third segment is still drama. 

Still drunk. 

He sound like 2 plus and then he just said man your name is pop and then that's just where originate it from. 

Now everybody in the whole city know me as possible. 

I actually have one of your songs that you wrote. 

I wanna play it. 

Calling once a billion. 

Calling once a. 

It's full Mark Zuckerberg slot. 

Veterans are homeless. 

We can't eat in the bird. 

Pretty absurd to me as I stand on my feet trying to make a little change to get a piece of change. 

So when the chances given I can change this, let me do it for the unfortunate and the ones in. 

Prison yeah yeah. 

Breathe like a baby cheese, yeah? 

So tell tell us about this song what what inspired you to write it? 

And what inspired you to put that verse in there? 

Connie zuckenberg. 

The title of the song is called. 

Let me explain. 

Actually I. 

Wrote that up in Auburn NY Bro and. 



It triggered me because of a certain situation up there. 

That's how where I got that. 

The title song goes. 


Title song goes. 

Friend of mine and how her man. 

I guess her man was cheating on her, but every time he used to come, you know and get caught or whatever he will try to explain the situation and justified situation. 



So I incorporate that and I incorporated that into just like life lessons and and things that we should be aware of. 

Uh huh. 

And and take action or like Cardi and wants a million from Mark Zuckerberg while veterans are homeless and. 

That's true, lender's are, yeah. 

Can't be in my bird you. 

Over here playing with money, trying to borrow millions of dollars for God knows what, but at the. 

Anytime there's veterans out of here that that's that's looking for their next meal. 

You know what I mean? 

It's it's got a plan with money and doing something unnecessary with it. 

Then you should be out here trying to help you get along. 

You know what I mean? 

So that's another reason for I put that verse in there. 

Uh huh. 


Let me explain this. 

You see what I'm saying? 


Yes, a unique situation, but all all the songs. 

That she hears, but probably out of emotions or situations or or or. 

Just some odd reason that I would think of something that happened in my life or experience that I've been through, but that song is actually one of my favorite songs ever wrote. 

Uh huh. 

Like that verse, but Connie Zuckenberg and the veterans 'cause a lot of veterans right now is, you know. 

Especially during kovid they don't know where their next meal and actually you wrote this song. 


How many years ago did you write this song? 

Oh my produced that song maybe back in the 1017 maybe probably slows yeah. 

To get 2017 Fast forward 2020 issue is still going on with the veterans. You know it's it's. It's. It's sad. It's very sad. You know they there's this country at the same time. 

Yeah, it's sad. 


I crunchy don't serve them and helping them out and it's it's pretty effed up situation. 

Pretty damn bad. 

Yeah, so that's why that's another reason for that song is let me explain what we need to be doing as a whole and that you know what people could do and how much more can get done and how better things could be if people would just would just sit down and listen sometime and and work together and start against one another. 




So that's where that song originates from. 

Let me explain. 

You mad at me? 

We're so far. 

We're so. 

Invited it's it's time that we all come to the table and expd 


Yeah, because at the end of the day you know everybody is trying to do better, so why work against it? 


Yeah, I mean if we could be together and get things done, I don't think there will be a lot happening. 


Be a lot, lot, lot more happier people in the world it. 

I wouldn't be a lot of violence out here. 

I know that. 

Yeah, but that's just. 

Personal beliefs, you know what I'm saying. 

As far as the violence, how has the killing of Floyd affected you? 

I think it affected me in a way to where it was. 

Just like basically was senseless uh-huh. 

You know us as black men in America we're always getting targeted for thing we're already at Target, so we already got two strikes against us. 

You know what I'm saying so? 

So anything we do you know, it's just today's society is is like a dude under a microscope and you gotta try to walk on. 

Uh huh. 

You know egg shells, but I think how that affected me. 

The only reason why I'm saying this is because it just how just how I really felt. 

I believe it was senseless and it affected me because you have a good black man out here that's. 

Actually trying to better himself for his future and his kids future and and. 

Instead of set up example. 


Of set up example. 

You know, in society with the young guys you know that you. 

Can do better. 

And you know when you take people like that away and out the equation, it only gets worse. 

You know what I mean? 

Instead of moving in the right direction, I think that just took people in another direction, and I'm pretty sure in his mind and in his heart he didn't want that to happen. 

You know, as far as I'm getting killed, how did he even know it was going to come about? 

But I, I guarantee you. 

I guarantee you that he was trying to make a difference that it was so, so it was a senseless murder. 


And you know, once again he's black and everybody got this racial thing going on if. 

It was, you know. 

A Caucasian person, you know? 

I would still feel the same way 'cause at the end of the day we are humans. 

Nobody is better than anyone else and you know what I mean? 

Let's just get along and get ahead. 

'cause you only got one life to leave. 

But I believe that was senseless. 

And that's how I felt when you take good black people and take. 

Them out, equations you see what I'm saying. 

Yeah, as far as you having children, how were you able to explain that to them so they would somewhat understand what was going on? 

Well, well, what I've been teaching my daughters is, you know you. 

You have to. 

You have to give respect to earn it, but you you don't take advantage of people you help people. 

If you can. 

You know what I mean. 

Always speak to people that's being unique. 

I believe you. 

I believe speaking to people is very unique and basically you know I'd set my daughters down. 

I told him, you know, be aware of your surroundings too. 

You know what I'm saying? 


You have to be aware of your surroundings. 

That's the main thing because they get older and they be out with their friends. 

I think we get. 


So I always tell him. 

Uh huh. 


Be aware of your surroundings, even if you start to feel that something is not right, eliminate yourself from the equation. 


I'll see you all tomorrow. 

I'll call you later just that that the 3rd. 

So basically you know I embraced my kids and sat him down and hug him and told him that you know no matter what, I will always be here to protect you but. 

Be aware of your surroundings and know and know your actions because they come consequences too. 

Yeah, if it's not the right action, you know I'm saying it's. 

Rough out there. 

And I wanted to go back to to George Floyd. 

Have you ever had an encounter? 

Not to that extent but an encounter? 

Like that with the police, no. 

Not in my 41 years. No I. I hope it never. I hope it never arises to where I do have to have a complication like that which police you know password. 



You see, no. 

Actually one night I got pulled over. 

I was coming from my high school. 

Coaches house and I. 

Had a couple drinks, you know I'm not gonna sit here and sugarcoat anything. 


I had a couple drinks but he wants to extend like that was a social drinking and I didn't know my life when my back light went out in my truck and the cop ran up on me and he pulled me over. 

Brooke and I. 


I gave him license registration all this everything cleared out but he gave me a funny look and he stop speaking for like 20 seconds. 

Just looking. 

And he was flashing at the flashing his flashlight in my car. 

I don't think. 


I don't think I at that point, you know, I already beat the game. 

Everything is legal to stop that dot. 

Or yeah, but I believe he started looking 'cause he wanted to see if there was something in my car. 

You know, 'cause it was pretty late. 

You know what I'm saying. 

Then again, being a black man in America you laid out on the road, you get pulled over. 

Driving while driving with being black. 

You gotta be doing something right, yeah? 

So I believe he was trying to target something he was looking for something that wasn't there. 

Basically, you know what I mean, but he ended up letting me go. 

No ticket or anything like that, but I just had that notation and I had that feeling inside like he want. 



I agree. 

He wants this to be. 

Something you know what I mean. 

Yeah, were you with us when we got pulled over in Cortland in college? 

But I know it was you, me and a couple of guys were coming home from the from the nightclub bogey was driving and we got we we got. 

I'm not sure. 


Yeah, I was with Sean that night. 

Yeah and yes and we got he was driving. We were leaving the nightclub heading back to our college which was about 45 minutes. This kid. This was intoxicated. We got pulled over by the police or four of us African Americans in a car. 

We went out there that night here I'll never forget that. 

I remember like it was yesterday the cop came to the window. 


I was in the back seat. 

I believe you in the back seat and I think C Davis in the passenger seat. 

C Davis, my burro. 

That's my dog right there. 

He and then cop. 

I mean he was night basically said hey, your friend can't drive whatever. 

So Bert needs to drive and I remember he made me take a breathalyzer. 

And I remember. 


I'm like I'm sober, just looking back on it. 

I feel like there's good cops and there's bad cops if a bad cop would have been in that situation, it would have turned to him. 

It would have went. 

Yes it would. 

It would have been a. 

Whole the whole ball game would be rearranged, yeah? 

Definitely, because I believe at the end of the. 

Day cops is just a. 

Gang amongst themselves, either Adam said yeah, it's just a bit, but don't get me wrong like you just said, there's good cops out there and there's bad cops out there. 



It just depends on which one you run into. 

If you have to run into one, you know what I'm saying. 



I think some of it to fear the unknown when you approach this ignorance and you think the worse, and I think by cops approach African Americans think they automatically. 



We are in that fight or flight mode right out the gate. 

Yeah, I believe you have to be in just any routine traffic stop now. 

You know you have to be. 

You have to. 

I believe it's because as far as being a cop, I believe they. 

Yeah, but I just feel like. 

All have to take that on. 

Yeah, but I feel like when they see someone of color, they're just like. 

I think it's just fair. 

Yeah, yeah yeah, I think yeah. 

Yeah, I think it's just fair, it's just fear. 

You know you, you pull you pull a. 

Black or African American over. 

Is just fear it becomes fear. 

Yeah, yeah, I'm saying it becomes fear because first of all you don't know what you won't get with this person. 

Yeah, but why can't this person be working with? 

You know, two jobs and a family go onto his kid. 

You know what I mean? 

That's what I mean by like innocent people like. 

You said the fear of up. 

There I know if you're the unknown. 


Yeah, but I still. 

I think it becomes just fear. 

You know what I mean and that? 

Could be for multiple reasons. 

Who knows, you know I. 

I don't want to get into detail, but you know, I believe it's just how all out of. 


Here I see it, especially with going on now. 

Yeah, yeah. 

With these routine traps like this is just. 

Crazy, you know what I'm saying? 

But some of it is is how they were brought up. 

If you were family where your family didn't like a certain race and you got a badge and a gun, you're gonna. 


That becomes authority. 

Now a badge and a gun is only only only false authority. 


You know 'cause like you're bad, cops use false authority and the gun in advance to take control of the situation. 


You see what I mean? 

Yeah, and handcuffs. 


You know what I? 

Mean so I I believe that's what that is. 


And that's how that go. 

But you are. 

Right when they come up, they don't know any better, so there was actually. 


It was the people that had. 

To suffer through. 

That you know what I mean, because your mind will never be right. 

Yeah, yeah. 


You could you could put like say, for the Caucasian carpool black man over. 


You know where the situation is going now today. 

I only say that because it's true, you know. 

I mean, it's a fact, but at the same time. 

What if you let that man go an uh, a week later, he saved your life? 

Uh huh. 

Would you be, what? 

How would you feel that? 

You should, I mean. 

There was another song that you wrote called Zone of yeah, someone of my own. 

My own yeah so. 


I wanna play quick little snippet. 

When the lights go down, I come alive or Jews under this city like the site. 



So this one. 

But where did this vision come from for this? 

Back up to where you went to. 

School at in Auburn, NY a diff. 

Uh huh. 



Filling one day I woke up feeling good. Some endorphins released out my brain. I was feeling good and you know everything was just falling in the right place for me and I felt like I was in a good spot. I was in a good I was in a good air at the time I was in a good situation. My soul was fed feel like my soul's fed and I I was out of state being on my home. 

Uh huh. 


Like I always am and I was just. 



I just felt like I was in a zone. 

Uh huh. 

It's kind of like being in your own Lane doing your own thing. 

In your own Lane, and keeping keeping you keeping your plan site, you put your plan together and following through on your playing. 

So that's where I say you know cruising, getting a piece of mind you know, I mean, reminiscing on things you know just to keep just to keep my plan together and stay on top of my plans. 


Uh huh. 

You know it's just like going to the bar sitting down and have a drink. 

And, uh, ironing out your weaknesses or your soft spots and your goals. 



This is what I gotta do. 

This is what I think you know, this is what I need to stop doing more of. 

Uh huh. 

Start doing more of this. 

So basically that that that whole vibe with that song and it was like more of like a West Coast style, but the the whole vibe of that song was just like stand in your own Lane doing your own, saying getting business done. 



Uh huh. 

Uh huh. 

You know handling which you gotta handle to get better and further down the road in life. 



You know what I mean. 

So that's why I called his own in my own. 

That's actually one of my favorites. 

I always play that song. 

And it's a good one. 


I never listen to my music, but I always listen to that song or something. 

Reason West Coast East Coast. 

You know all about the big and a pok viewed an? 


There's a new feud going on with Eminem, Snoop Dogg. 

I want you to hear the diss Eminem did to Snoop Dogg and I want to get your your take. 

Thing I need to Snoop Dog man dog. 

Not really, I had dog backwards, but I'm starting to think all these people taking shots and miesch. 

I don't know. 


It's no wonder copy them up. 

What do you think? 

Sick now. 

It is 2 grown folks during these times. 

During these covid times, this in each other I mean. 

Not seeing that goes back to to my song. 

Let me explain. 

You see it. 

I mean, now you see what I've I've came from. 

Uh huh. 

Uh huh. 

As far as. 

Football, we know it could be a. 

Publicity stunt to get more money. 

Yeah, yeah. 

Do you see what I'm saying? 

Yeah, but. 



The rap game is so cutthroat now. 

The crap game is sold cutthroat. 

It's like it's like being out here on the streets and in the major drug. 

That's how that's all cut. 

Like the the rap game is now anyway, you know what I mean and then and then jealousy you know? 

I mean you got, I mean yeah. 

I mean envy is you know people but misconstrued things to songs. 

Uh huh. 

You gotta mean metaphors or whatever, but I think we should be. 

Uniting and getting together and really. 




On the fight, the fight was going on out we. 


It you know it's. 

Bigger than it's bigger than the average person. 

Uh huh. 

You know what I mean. 

So as far as all that before, not right and stuff in the game being supposedly start to get more money, but at the same time I think we need to be out here motivating the the culture. 



You know what I mean with with positive vibes? 


Yep, uh huh. 

You know that only creates. 

That only creates jealousy. 

You know some people could get hurt like you just said it. 

Uh huh. 

You see the bigger. 

Part then you know what? 

Yep, millimeter. 

I mean so, but I tell you this, when M put out some normally don't nobody ever fired back? 

It snooped in a file of us, yet. 

Yeah, he and I. 

At this point I don't think he is 'cause nobody wants that one Eminem specially like when he. 

Go to district where he he made that distracting right on that thing nobody. 



Nobody is going. 

What can you say when drop stuff like that? 

He's little. 

Not only is it a distracted Snoop M points out Brianna Taylor. 

Lloyd cop killings. 

He pretty much sums up what's going on in the world and then at the end this is new at the end. 


This is new. 

You never know. 

That could have been something personal between him to fire, shot out, or he could've just told him listen, keep your name out, keep your name, keep my name out your mouth soon type stuff and just shot a little bar in here. 

Yeah, yeah. 

Or a? 



Just the the four warning is, you know it's called sending a shot. 

You know what I mean? 

Yeah, have you ever sent a shot and then? 

You retract home I got. 


Yes yes yes yes yes. 

How did that go? 

How did the response go after you fired off? 

There was no response. 

Oh damn. 

Yeah, there was no response after it. 

I really don't do it, but back in the day we was in school an we was making. 

Uh huh. 

I was making all that music I I had so much material that nobody could even. 


They couldn't match my my my my my temple. 

You know I'm I'm recording 50 songs a week, you know? 

Uh huh. 

Uh huh. 

I mean, so it was nothing that this nobody and and keep writing all the keep keep moving. 

You know what I'm saying but that was only because I not seeing me. 

Yeah, yeah. 

I'm a general I'm a smart general I'm not going tacneau blind soldiers. 

You know what I mean? 

If by any chance that I do hear something and somebody say something, you know emotions and lipidomics you know what? 



I mean so. 

The dude had a little something to say this dot dot in the third so. 

So me and my man, you know we got a bottle one day. 

We started drinking an 1 + 1 is true and I said you know what? 

Let's ride on this do my thing. 

I mean yeah and you know markets he said for real man you gotta do it. 

You will do it. 

I said, you know I don't do stuff like this but I got to. 

I got around on it I gotta I gotta put it into this you know what I'm saying? 


'cause I heard it was going around. 


He's saying this in saying that about me words and music and my man Mark is doing all the hooks and all this stuff that you would just come and get on a team. 

'cause you ain't gonna beat me. 

You know what I mean? 

But it was a it was a shot that was well does. 

First, you know, I wouldn't if I didn't even hear a rumor to move, which the rumor was true. 

Uh huh. 

He had made it to talk about this stuff, 'cause. 

Do you feel like now in the time we're living, you could have handled that different or not? 

Oh yeah, yeah, at the time, you know when you when you when you're a lot younger and you know your train of thought is not as sharp as you really think it is. 

Oh yeah. 

You know what I mean? 

An you get older you learn things and you move a different way. 

You become a little wiser. 

You know him so. 

So if I if if if it would now you know I would, I would have went to him as a man. 

You know what I mean? 

Back then I did. 

I just fired you have guns already caught. 

Uh huh. 

I'm just ready to shoot at this point. 

Uh huh. 

Instead of breaking down and analyzing the situation of odd stem were in Word stemming from but you know today it'll be a lot different. 


You know I want to send a shot out there. 

This is just for nothing like that so. 

Unless unless you're Eminem. 

Yeah yeah it was cold. 

Unless you I mean, I mean, yeah. 

Oh man, it was cold. 

He's real cold man. 

Once I get going I'm going. 

Oh yeah. 

You know what I mean? 

Once I got more full tilt so but other than that you know I'm I'm a relaxed guy. 


As far as your job as far as people listening, what advice can you tell or give people dealing with kovid during these times during these situations, what advice could you you share with them or give them how to connect? 

My thing is, as far as that that's actually a little question my my my advice for people out there is this. 

First of all, you have to keep God in your life. 


And and your family, if you don't, if you don't have God, you don't have family, you have nothing. 

And during these times right now, you know. 

I think if people really sat back and seeing this, for what it's worth and seeing the severity of it, they would. 

This would. 

This is going to teach a lot of people to stop having hate. 

Neyhart you know what I mean? 

And and stop taking things in people for granted. 

I think at this time right now is the best time for people to embrace. 

One another and come closer and build better relationships. 

Read along with people 'cause life is short and the way this thing is going. 

It's hot and it's heavy. 

Yeah, you know what I'm saying so you could be talking to a good friend of yours in the next day. 

He's not even here. 

You got me. 

So I think people just need to step back. 

Take a deep graph, be safe. 

Embrace your family. 

Rebuild bonds, forgive people don't hold grudges there. 

That's what I would tell people out here today. 

You know, things like this bring people together. 


So if we can come together on things like this, why can't we come together? 

Just period. 

Why does it have to be a situation in order for people to come together? 

People should want to do that anyway and help you know what I mean. 

So, So what I tell people is, you know, keep garden your family in your life and you know learn something to you. 

Know if you wanna quarantine, lockdown, got all this time, learn some, pick up a book, read you, know to put your mind on something else. 

That kind of reduce your stress level too, but people should just come together and love one another. 

There's no reason why you should. 

At this point you know, I mean. 


Yeah, that's true. 

So that's my advice. 

That's my advice to people right now. 

That's actually good advice. 

Well, that was Justin Webb. 

Thanks for coming on sharing your story. 

Anytime man. 

It's been a pleasure man. 

If you want to give a closing remark, let let the people know. 

Give him a closing remark. 

Yeah, so all the people out there. 

Keep going first, protect your family, rebuild bonds and help people if you can and love one another. 



Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you all for joining us for can I talk now I'm your host Nicholas Ballard. Make sure you subscribe to can I talk now? Follow me on IG can I talk now IG make sure you check out next week's episode. 

I said no. 

Makes the usage. 

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