Can I Talk Now?

Celebrity Hair Stylist to Denise, Gabrielle, - Meet Carlos Ortiz

April 14, 2021 Carlos Ortiz Season 1 Episode 6
Can I Talk Now?
Celebrity Hair Stylist to Denise, Gabrielle, - Meet Carlos Ortiz
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Interview with Carlos Ortiz

Carlos Ortiz fell in love with the concept of making a woman desirable and saw the art behind it.  He has worked with many “it” girls including Denise Richards, Gabrielle Nevaeh Green and Miley Cyrus,Selena Gomez, Natalie Portman, Janelle Monae,..and the list goes ON!

Carlos is a renaissance man of hair.  He knows how to mix fashion, celebrity, beauty and lifestyle in just the right way, and this is what makes all his work uniquely Carlos. 

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Coming to my show called can I talk now and I'm your host Nicholas Ballard and this is my podcast and today? 

I got a special guest for you. 

I got the one and only I have the Renaissance Man of pair. 

He knows how to mix badged in celebrity beauty and lifestyle. 

In just the right way. 

Ladies and gentlemen. 

I would like to introduce you to Carlos Ortiz. 

Ah here we go. 

How are you Carlos? 

Lovely man, it's ******* 80 degrees great to be here. 

I know right. 

Thank you for having me man for bringing your awesome girlfriend, please. 

Thank you for comments oh you're welcome, she had to come see my bodyguard. 

Awesome on behalf of my listeners spending money on a quality straightener. 

Does that really matter? 

Yes, yeah, there's a lot of them but. 

So you would recommend. 

I said, Do research on it, and see not necessarily Yelp on it, because that's not really truthful. 

Most of the time I say ask a friend or you know ask your stylist sports. 

But you being a stylist would you recommend? 

A brand or absolutely yeah. 

Yeah, a brand or what brand? 

Whoever is giving me stuff right now. 

No, I'm kidding. 

I like I like an old school product like I still stand by like my sapphire blue plate. 

You know iron and people might think it wrecks it here well. 

You know what every other iron Rex. 

It hurts heat on the hair and a lot of people don't know. 

Also, it isn't necessarily being a have to be on the highest heat. 

450 or whatever it is. 


No, because your hair might not need it, it might be fine in texture, and not as much of it. 

So you don't need to have it on high so just have it on a lower you know a lower temperature and there's a lot of great irons out there a lot of great equipment and there's also a lot. 

Of bad equipment, too, so. 

Like what you know any off the top of the head so we don't have. 


To buy him, we just. 

To buy him we? 

Just cheapie gold ones I guess like I don't know like I I like it. 


It's the ones at the mall, where they're trying to sell you. 

Yeah, so probably. 


Also protect your hair you know put a protector on it, and Oh my God, so many you can't even think of when. 


What's a good protector? 

I have so many products in you know what Nick I have to say. 

In all these years of doing her my go to is salt water or just plain water. 

Salt water really. 

Yeah, I want to get some lift out of the hair. 

Me too. 

I might go to just water and that's the trick. 

Are you guys listening salt water? 

Put some salt water in your hair? 

And sugar water. 

I also want to get a little bit more grit and lift out of it. 

I'll put sugar in water and alkaline water and yeah, I put a little bit of Eucalyptus. 



Something smells good, you know, and 

But really something something not so complex. 

You know you could buy so many things like oh this hair it. 


This product is for fullness well. 

It's not really giving you phone as when you're done with it, you know so. 


Far as products do you recommend the listeners buying like a high end product or product from like? 

No 'cause I buy truthfully everything. 

I have high end to very low end and you know, I'll buy like a cheap little you know per size. 


Hairspray on the kiosk on the way out of the market. 


You know buy a cheap brand and it's going to hold the hair 'cause. 

It's cheap and it's you know it's sticky and it's I guess just going product what it's going to give you. 

Just no gorilla glue. 

Oh my God, I saw that you know when I first saw that I thought it was that product gorilla. 


There's a product called monkeys at gorilla. 

And it's a gel I thought it was that effort. 


Person it was like no, but it was actually it's a glue that she put in her hair right poor person. 

Yeah, why would you do that? 


The pandemic, plus being bored plus so many factors in it. 



I bet become being a kid, too did ever do anything like? 

Yeah, I remember running perm solutions through my hair to make it straight, yeah, my mom would be like, how'd you hear so strago I blew it out with a you know, but I had run a perm you know, not knowing what it you know how much time to leave it in. 


I just I just looked at it and felt it and OK cool. 


Then came into this industry at a young age. 

What is your most traumatic experience in your childhood to create biggest impact on your prasana today? 

Oh man it's traumatic the area that I grew up in was not a good area. 

So my options were the hair salon where my aunts worked or the library or the park with my mother. 



My dad so that would make me think all the time. 

As a young boy and wanting to change that up and not wanting that for the rest of my life. 

So I would say I have to say it's that and. 

The Dirty cops that were in my neighborhood. 

That's LA for you. 

Yeah, not all of them of course, obviously are. 

Or that but in my neighborhood that was very much. 

Our reality. 


I know your parents a salon downtown LA. 

Yeah, I was born in Boyle Heights, but yeah, it's adjacent to downtown. 


Growing up was it a half 2 or want to work in the salon. 

The energy from it, I love spending my weekends, there, I loved everything from cleaning perm rods to sweeping my aunt salon to the banter of the conversations going on the salon and you really are. 




Therapist to most people, most clients and yeah, eventually becoming your friends. 


Did you get picked on at a young age by your friends for working in this salon and? 


I got lucky I guess because I had a few gay friends that were picked on in school and that just never happened. 


To me and a lot of my friends were straight actually everybody. 

I hung out with a lot of different crowds and that was just never the case for me, though I I guess I lucked out. 


Yeah, you got lucky, yeah, your first job as a hair Stylist. 


You remember when it was and where it was. 

My first job as a hair stylist. 

Other than working your parents salon. 

My first job would be it was a salon in Pasadena and. 

I can't think of the name of it right. 

Now it's probably not there anymore. 



Probably not I don't know the way she ran it, she wasn't the most amazing person ever. 


She had to sing with women. 

I'm not going to lie and I'm not trying to be that person, but I was really her favorite. 

In fact, she would always tell me be careful who you hang out with in the salon. 

On and not everybody here is you know super great and I would always ask her well. 

Why do you have him here and? 

What did she say? 

She was never had an answer for that. 

But I could always tell. 

She has some kind of energy thing with women and it was mostly the women that she kind of came for and mine and with man. 

It was all amazing beautiful hunky. 

Dory all good. 

But with women. 

I noticed most of the women there. 

Aside from this amazing stylists that I knew named Alex Lopez. 

I kind of she was my go to as far as like who I wanted to style with like and color and haircut and. 

She was amazing all around and my best friend, Victor in Kamario. 


He's also super amazing hair and those are the 2 that those were my goals in. 

The salon to you kind of like. 

Your mentors would you say Yeah, absolutely it's always? 

Yeah, yeah? Absolutely. 


Good to have someone you can go to or look up to. 

Oh no for sure man. 

Especially being young how old were you when you did this. 

I have to say maybe 22, but I was in a salon before that, yeah, just not. 

As a stylist doing her far as being environment, energy of it. 


So I kinda had good salon etiquette like what task would not to ask you know, somebody has a bold bleach working on the client. 

You know you know what you know what volume is that bleach. 

You know, nobody wants nobody using bleaching their hair, so I know that already my boss kind of. 



Like that that's good you're on top of the game at a young age so. 

I think so. 

I think. 

Do you think this was because of your parents? 

Your parents salon. 


No just knowing just having an energy and knowing you know. 



Knowing like not what to say or what people don't want to hear. 

Yeah, I'm gonna say it's more I could have brought it up myself, yeah. 

Being Hispanic being in this industry did you face any challenges? 

Oh yeah, so many I knew and felt that I had to bring it a little bit more with the styling whatever I did I felt like I had to put 200% because I always noticed that in the salons. It was aesthetics and. 


I didn't dress like them. 

I didn't like wearing button down shirts. 

You know, I wear tennis shoes and you know, I dress for comfort. 



Yeah, but I have my own steves you know, I've never really followed trends and I like. 

I like to trick out a lot of my clothes and you know, and I'd like to say. 

I have my own flavor and I have a lot of friends or designers, too, so. 



Yeah, so I always felt like I dress for comfort and I did wonder where I didn't want to feel closed up with button downs, and you know, I hate the way looking tuxedo and suit. 

You know, I get invited to a wedding and it's. 


Killing me that I have to go wedding and dress up and hate it was it any. 


Big issues that stick out there were no challenges. 

Yeah, I was felt like they thought you were gonna do her certain way and. 


You know they knew that I was from East Delhi and Boyle Heights and what is he gonna bring but truth of the matter? 

What is it gonna be? 


Is I've always been into magazines and now like not really magazines. 

So much more these days. 

But the Internet. 

I'm always looking at fashion shows, and you know current trends and with hair and makeup and what's? 

Went on, I saw when it's rich reach. 

It's uh you know top beautiful nosov iconic looking hair and makeup and then it Withers away newbies come in and you know a lot of people get lazy with it and they see it come back again. 

So it changes all the time I noticed that maybe it was just maybe an insecurity also but I noticed later on. 

I I was right. 

And I was felt they were gonna I was gonna bring a certain. 

Flavor and let me watch this guy, so he's doing, but then, when the churn out came out. 

They were like Oh, OK well where have you been where you lived where you raised here? 

Where you are not really from here, you know when I lived in New York. 

You know, people assume they live there. 

They were really super surprised why I didn't even Los Angeles ago. 


Yeah, I lived there now I live bold. 

Come forth and like Oh, I thought you were from here, I guess I know I'm not from here. 

It's raised in El lay all my life. 


Hell yeah, totally what the hell because. 

They love to Ali Bash Let me tell you. 

Go yeah, they're ready to Bash. 

All the time. 

All the 

And Carlos have you seen the? 

California is a Saturday live, yeah, I have they should have a show called the New Yorkers where all they do is make fun of Californians 'cause they love it, they? 

Live for it most of all. 

Yeah, both that I mentioned I'm from New York Carlos. 

Oh yeah, sorry about that. 

You're an exception I guess so. 

That's where I got a 

I got a 

Good really good buy from. 

Residence that's all you guys command, so but then again, you're really from New York and the people. 

I meant they weren't from there, you know when they whenever it says stuff like that somebody. 


They retaliate with yeah well. 

Yeah, yeah. 


I'm from here. 

No, you're not you're from Louisiana. 

You've been living here for 20 years. 

So you're not really from New York. 

Yeah, you know, but when I would work on, you know set and I would meet grips and they were from Jersey in New York. 

They were real and they were really, really good people and you know. 

Yeah, I vibe with them more and people, you know complain about the kiss kiss hug. 


See you call me for coffee? 

When that exists in New York, too. 

You know it's just. 

Maybe it's just this business. 

Just this business. 

Being a Hispanic? 

How did you rise at a top in this cutthroat industry? 

Cutthroat industry ah, I'm not at the top you're pretty close. 

Well, Yeah. 

You know what Nick I love what they do that's like. 

Say I love what I I love what I do and it changes every day, I can work in a fabulous amazing studio. 

One day and then the next day. 

I'm working off of you know a milk crate or affective table that you know you throw a towel on you know you don't complain about it and you're to me. 


At this point. 


You're just as good as your last job ago. 


We all post all these really great times on Instagram and social media and. 

You know, but something I'm posting old pics. 

You know, and you know, people like Oh my God. 

You've been working now that's just I've been posting old. 

Pics throwback, yeah, try to. 

Keep yourself relevant you know 'cause you might you know, there's just there's people just as good as you better than you and I'm a sponge man I'm always you know learning and trying to absorb. 

And you know pick people who I think are geniuses I used to work with this woman named Serena from agency at Clutier and she was amazing and I took and borrowed. 

Everything that I wanted to be from her and I excluded everything I didn't want to be that was her. 

You know, and I love plays well with others man who plays well with others her. 

It's when my hashtags and I love what I do and I'm I want to inspire people who do her. 

You know, Yeah, Oh man, so many things women moms. 

What inspires you? 


Her and I know that sounds stupid and ridiculous but it really does man. 

No, it doesn't. 

No doesn't. 

I have this thing with this since I was a kid and I love all hair textures, and instant gratification for me. 

I like turning I like. 

I love beauty. 

You know you know my. 


Mom, when I came out to my mom when I was a kid. 

She was like. 

But I also saw you looking at girls when you were a kid. 

That's like yeah, mom. 

Women are beautiful. 

But I saw you looking at them looking at ya. 

Mom women shapes are beautiful like but I just love beauty. 


Beautiful man beautiful women and everything between you know, I love life brain ALS. 


Best of both worlds. 

Totally, yeah, no no discriminations no none of that just open. 

How people should be? 

Yeah, I mostly made friends that are that I've had for years are beautiful inside and out, but mostly inside. 

You know, I've had my friends for a long, long time. 

Don't change them like you change your dirty clothing. 

You know it's I have good friends. 

You know, I I know how to pick them or they know how to find you. 


You just attract people kind of you know, I don't wanna say similar like you just. 

I've attracted really great people, specially in your industry in this city, it's hard to find good. 


Totally at least I used to work with this makeup artist and the whole time. 

Friends with people. 

Nick I thought I was being secured like you know, she's sabotaging me. 

She says she's that she's and I thought no like don't think that way. 


You know that's You You're in your head and you know 15 years later. 

Yeah, I was true and I was. 

I thought to myself, I was right. 

And I should have went with it. 

I wasn't being insecure, and and it was just a big disappointment. 

She's not from here. 

She's not an alley person. 

She's from Kansas. 

She's from. 

Kansas she's from Arizona. 

First celebrity client what was your strategy. 

Oh man, my first OK. 

Well there's a few, but do you know Denise Richards, OK? 

Yeah, everybody knows Denise Richards. 

I have a great love for her because, well, yeah, wild things. 

Wild things. 

She was a Real Housewives. 


Yeah, she's a wifey wild things like you said, a lot of great stuff. 


The reason why I bring her up is because she's consistently been. 

And just an amazing person. 

Amazing woman, she's I never saw her not God, awful mood or any she did. 


I knew Energies and I knew I just knew how to you know. 

Get along with it but she was never that. 

She was always just awesome amazing woman and I don't see her as much now. 

But I have a great love for her because. 

You know she's famous. 

She's a celebrity at me. 

Me too. 

She never let it get to her head and he's done around me. 

Instances where I've seen her, yeah. 

She's lovely. How were? 

You able to pull her in as one of your clients was it a. 

We got a referral we walking down the street. 

How are you doing Sir? 

And the guy could fix. 

Your hair, I think my friend turned me on to that job because she uses quite a few air people and she also uses this guy named Richard Moran, also from Clutier, who's to me an amazing hairdresser. 

Me too. 

Well seasoned, amazing and she would go between both of us. 

So I think maybe he couldn't do a job. 

Get on it, boys. 

Well, she's your first celebrity. 

I'm gonna say her. 


She's the only one that comes to mind right now, yeah? 


Were you nervous when you were doing your? 

Hair not at all, and most of the time I hope I don't really watch much TV. 

Not at all. 


Although I knew who she was already because I thought she was so beautiful and amazing already in my head when I worked with her. 


I just wanted to make her super glamorous and we hit it off from the very. 

First day on with these celebrities did you feel that they're high maintenance like we all think? 



They are or 

Some can be, you know what Nick, I don't know what to say about that because with me it was different. 

I'm never. 

I never got that energy from them. 

I saw them. 

That way with the makeup art is in fact when my makeup artist. 


Friends said to me when they how come she did you know why? 

Why did she yell at you? 

I'm like I don't know Boo from the get go just wouldn't let that happen first of all I've had to tell. 



Some people don't speak to me that way. 

I'll pack up my stuff and leave you know so. 

Stand your ground. 

Hell yeah, I'm going to be 80 years old and look back. 


I reacted accordingly. 

You're gonna be an ******* Peace out, you know I'm not here for your problems. 


I'm here to make you look great and yeah I could hear your problems. 

I like you know I'm I'm good at that. 

You're like a therapist. 

Yeah, but. 


But I'm not going to take abuse like that. 

I won't. 

I won't tolerate that. 

Most hair stylists do. 

No they don't. 

I think some do. 

Oh yeah, and then you go back and talking on their backs. 


I won't do that. 

Yeah, I've had. 

I've had pretty amazing people. 

How do you deal with the crazy ones? 

The way I would with anybody else I've had a few crazies and had to put them aside. 


And yeah, yo don't talk to me like. 

That ever again. Oh yeah. 

Even celebrities really. 

Even celebrities. 

Totally did they try to fire you? 

Let me tell you, I can't. 

I won't tell you who she is. 

Celebrity actress who I got fired, hired, fired, hired, fired, hired. 


Fired high. 


What did you? 

Do oh nothing. 

Just like you know I wouldn't put up with her. 

You know her ups and downs and her outbursts of crying and you know, just so you know I'm like, hey, I'm ready for your hair can't you see me crying and I'm like you know it would just be a great story on my way home in my head you know Oh my God Nick it was I remember. 


We were working in her bathroom and the doorbell was ringing and she had three assistants. 

She had three assistants that in the house that day, the doorbell was ringing so much I decided just to answer it. 

But halfway down the stairs they already had answered the door. 



And it came back up and she looks over at the makeup artist she says, didn't I tell him go get the door and he just looks so nervous and I go, what and she goes? 


I thought I told you to look at the door. 

I said you didn't tell me to do anything. 


You didn't ask me to do anything and I go, hey, you know what? 

I'm not here to walk your dog go get your Mail, answer your phone, get your coffee. 

I'm not here for any of that. 

It says we're going to have problems. 

I'll go right now. 

I'll leave. 

Do you want me to leave? 

She's like no. 


It was just for a uh shoot a movie or just. 

For one for one of her shoots. 

And my makeup artist, which is looking at me like Oh my God, and I was so happy when I left that day. 

I was really proud of myself. 

So proud of my reaction and I don't like arguments and I don't like fights but. 


I hate bullies. 

Was she a list celebrity? 


Like up there? Yeah. 

Like up there. 

Yeah, she's always relevant. 

It kills me to see her still relevant. 


'cause I don't like having those feelings, but it's like man if people only knew what you really were or how you are. 


But people don't really know that and when they see you and the cameras are on, they see you like oh smiling in this and that. 


Meanwhile you're a big old monster and. 

It sound like Alan was it Alan. 

No, I've never worked with. 

He said, we sure wasn't allistar those come clean. 

No, not at all. 

I've never worked with her, never know her. 



But with working with these celebrities. 

How do you manage the stayfocusd doing their hair when there's like photographers taking pictures and a whole bunch of craziness going? 

On how do you huh? 

Oh, that's my element. 

For years, I know first of all, I don't like being on camera. 

Anyway, I really don't and I know where to stand, where to be, how to be invisible, I know energies. 




I know when they're tired so I'm not making conversation. 

You know, I know all of it and most most of the time they really do work hard. 


Man, they. 

You know they're. 

Think about it, somebody coming at you all the time. 

You can't even go have a lunch with your family because you know some things that come up. 


Can I take a picture? 

It's like and you don't want to give that admin side of yourself and be like you know, no. 


I'm with my family right now. 

You gladly do it, but all the time. 

Although I have to say there was a day they were praying for that to happen. 

They do your job. 

You know you could be good to your your fans. 


Yeah, don't disappoint them. 

You know, like I said, you're lucky. 


You might think you're something special. 

So, but you really just know the right people and you know, maybe your mom was a famous model. Maybe your dad's a you know. See all of you know Prada or Gucci and all of a sudden my daughter is going to be in films. Great for you, you know thank you Mommy and Daddy. 



Yeah, and do something good value. 

Do something good, just something amazing. 

Yeah, have that have that limelight. 

Yeah is there a celebrity or a person that you want to work with as far as. 

Her always somebody young and new on the come up she's Nickelodeon Growning Gabby and Gabriel. 


She's really sweet. 

Her mom is amazing and she has great hair and she's on the come up. 

She's talented. 

She's an actress also a singer. 


She can rap oh wow Gabriel, Neva Green she's cool and she's. 

We and I say that because we have an opportunity together to come up with things for her concepts and she's open and she's not, you know, I don't want to work with the people I love, like Mariah Carey. 

Me too. 

And no, I don't want that. 


I used to before. 


Not anymore. 

I used to. 

It would be great to have them back then. 

Now you know I would have to decline a job with Mariah. 


With all these extensions and wigs that she wants in their hair. 


It's really absolutely ridiculous. 

And I don't want any part of that. 

You know, you know you. 


You look great and I don't want to do that. 

Be new and on the up on the come up. 

Yeah, I like this girl Gabrielle, super sweet girl and talented. 


It's great to be around her mom too and I would like to see her grow into super amazing success and she seems. 

To want that and have that, and you know she's great to people and I feel she's gonna have a long career about these last 20 years for me. 

Maybe that's I'm I'm OK with that energy and wanting that with her, I'm telling you the small ones, the newbies. 

You weren't a lot of high end magazines. 

The Vogue you did last year. 

How did you end up getting your client and your name on the cover of Vogue last year during a pandemic? 


You know what I met this really amazing couple named Fetale and Josh and they live in. They live in downtown LA and they work well together there. 


Beautiful and love each other so much and I met them and hit it off with him. 

We were all kind of the same vibe, same energy and that's why I did that bowl cover with Fidel is a makeup artist slash photographer and he truly is amazing at bold and I'm so grateful that I met them. 


And that's how I got that cover. 

How did it feel like everything else? 

You know, like everything else, yeah. 

Really, you're like, Oh my God, I mean, this is. 

Vogue, I didn't feel that way right. 


No, I post it and I can cool onto the next. 

Yeah, just. 

Very humble. 

You think so yeah, yeah. 

You think so, yeah. 

Yeah, I'll be like **** I'm on Vogue. 

Like well now you. 

See, I have posted it more quite a few times and I thought I did think in my head. 

You know what I'm gonna post this again? 


Maybe people didn't see it. 

Who cares? 


That whole thing with social media, it's like I. 

Really wish it would go away. 

It's like, yeah. 



But it's good for your business. 

Your business. 


Yeah, it's good. 

So I post something. 


Almost every night, but I don't just post her. 

I put ridiculousness on, you know. 

Yeah, I saw the post you did yesterday with the girl. 

Oh she this my client Riley Riley Ritchie, her mom and dad, Becky and Scott Ritchie or where my. 

Did she have cancer or? 

Did have cancer or. 



Brad and Angelina back in the day and they're beautiful and amazing people and they have three kids and I it's funny 'cause I know all their kids, but they're two boys I've never imagined. 


'cause we've only I mostly just done their hair here in the salon. 


And Becky, I've been doing it for years and that's her mother and Riley had a brain tumor. 


And so we the picture that you saw. 


It was when she had just had her tumor, and it got removed and then her hair grew back and she's all better. 

And in her hair grew back. 

Yeah, that's what's great about this business is. 

That's not you. 

Not you. 


I do all this stuff on set and people might think it's great and amazing, but I love my clients just as much. 

I've been doing her forever and I'm so happy for Riley that she's healthy. 

I saw her go from, you know, uh, not walking very well and to. 

Oh, it's still great, could talk about it forever Nick because she's so beautiful, but she doesn't. 

Like this sort of. 


She's not one. 

Those little girls like I am so pretty right off the back like she's like Carlos Oh my God, you work with song so she's so beautiful and she's talking about girls. 

She goes to school with this girl is really pretty. 

I love her and she's this she'll she'll go far and beyond to tell me about their personalities and they're not just not just her beauty so. 

She's a great girl, very touching. 

I mean yeah I love that about my business so far and a great ride. 

Truly no regrets. 

Just well is one thing that really trips me out is like. 



I think of my future and then I don't and then I do. 

When I go back and forth and I'm thinking, well, I don't have a pension. 


I don't have this. 

I don't have that. 

But like I said, you know they're gonna be here tomorrow. 

And you know I don't want to be that person that saved up all kinds of money and didn't do nothing with it. 

You know, I love to travel and. 


What's your recipe for success? 

Man, my recipe for success. 

I don't really have wine, I just say my thing. 


Thing is, I've always been on time. 

I've been late to two jobs. 

And will happen. 

Uhm, everybody else was late. 

I mean, you know about the. 

You know if I go work with somebody in Malibu and my call timed 8:00 o'clock, rest assured I'll be there at 6:00 at that Starbucks on PCH, killing some time until my call time comes. 



And then when someone so walks in. 

Sorry, I'm late. 

There was traffic. 

Yeah Boo, there's traffic here in alley all the time, though, you know, so you know if I'm gonna be there at 8:00, I'll be there at 6. 

Be on time I like. 

Being on time and I'm a good listener and I love what I do and I'd love to make You Beautiful so I guess that's my recipe. 

Good read. 


Think so. 

I mean everybody wants to look beautiful. 

I might come up here and come up with magical lies and be like, Oh my, you know I'm just being truthful and real with you. 

Yeah, that's good be honest, oh thanks. 

It's super comfortable to talk to you by the way. 

Wait till the harder questions come. 

Oh no, please edit those out and any questions that you asked me that I really didn't answer. 

There's no hard questions tell me. 

Edit that out too. 

What advice can you give new? 

Hair stylists coming up. 


Stylists coming up. 

Oh man, I'm gonna say, well, you know my nephew. 

He does her Isaac Ortiz. 

He works at a salon out in Hollywood I think with his right his boss Robert Marino and they work on the Kelly Clarkson show. 

And yeah, and he's in a good place with good people and you know, a talented people in the salon and my niece also does her. 

Ah, nice. 

I inspired both then go to her school and I've had pill. 


Maybe this will answer. 

I've had 12 clients turned hairdresser on me, a lot of people can't really say that. 

My advice would be to you is never call a woman ma'am. 

It's so horrible. 

They were like hell no, that's your southern and you have that Southern twang and it's it's acceptable and it's beautiful and so. 

I like it. 


B but yeah. 

What's your go to hair product? 

That you can't live without. 

You can't. 


Water for sure, come, they may see a nice boar bristle brush, or maybe mixed nylon boar bristle for sure, but for a product sometimes I like Alan 8 elnett Hairspray on the on the roots. 


When it's wet, it'll blow it out to give it a little extra. 

Me too. 

Off and kick and volume. 

Yes, I would be my my go to. 

Where is the craziest place you had traveled to do her? 

Umm the Philippines. 

Oh yeah, for soda. 


Can I like their orange crush and it was Oh my God, it was a plane ride, a boat ride, a car ride and then. 



And it was a beautiful beach. 


And they were great people, and loving and all about food and. 

Wanting to drink all day, we worked for three hours and then it was fun. 


How long were there? 

Carlos War with them for three. 

Days what do you like to do in? 

Your downtime I love right now 'cause it changes all the time. 


Right now I like to give these jive turkeys my dogs, Nacho and spooky. 

They walk so she they get, they get a park with a Lake. 

But right now Echo Park is closed. 

Park is closed. 


Yeah I, I just saw that they got rid of all the homeless too. 

Yeah boom, I know bummer. 

I have mixed feelings about it, yeah, but so I'll take them to the park. 

Work for a good mile, tire them out, bring them home and jump on my bike. 


Probably go meet a friend later for dinner or you know something will transpire all the time. 


Sometimes people end up here without even asking and you know it's like. 

Oh, they know you have food in the fridge, that's for sure. 

They know and people know that they can go through anything here. 

It's like, yeah. 

They know the neighbors are giving you food, they're they're pulling up. 

Yeah, bring some firewood, 'cause that's no. 

I'm out right now, or you know. 

Well, this was a pleasure, Carlos. 

This really was a pleasure. 

Oh man, I hope I don't sound like a big old fool. 

'cause first of all, do you ever remember hearing your voice on a tape recorder when you're a kid and you were mortified? 


I actually hate I. 

I actually hate my voice. 

Place I believe it or not. 


Yeah I hate. 

I hate how my voice sounds. 

Same, I'm like what I sound like that no, but I I microdose this morning so I hope my my my answers are aren't off the wall, you know? 

It was good. 

Would you like to like to plug in anything? 

I mean I got the plug how people can find you. 

Uhm, no plug myself **** I worked hard for where I'm at. 

I don't know where. 


He's not. 

He's not giving a plug, so I'm going to have to plug it later, plugging his Instagram where you guys can find them. 

Then get your hair done or ask him any questions or you know Carlos is a pleasure man. 

Ah, thank you, Nick. 

The pleasure is all mine. 

I had such a great time. 

Thank you. 

Thank you for doing this. 

Thank you all you guys for listening. 

If you have any questions you want to ask Carlos see down below. 

Make sure you guys subscribe, like, comment, do all that fun stuff. 

Alright Carlos, we're out of here. 

Cheers everyone. 




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