Can I Talk Now?

Season 1 Finale: Recap

May 26, 2021 Nickolas Ballard Season 1 Episode 0
Can I Talk Now?
Season 1 Finale: Recap
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Season 1 Finale featuring complementation interviews from all my guest that have shared their person stories as well journey. Thank you to all my listeners for tuning in every Wednesday to listen upcoming interviews. Thank you to all my guest that I had the honor to interview during the pandemic.  Anyone interested in sharing their story feel free to contact me on Instagram or my website. I am interested in hear your story. Tune in every Wednesday for new episode and get ready for next week launch of season 2.

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"Can I talk now is an uncensored platform for others to tell their stories. Can I talk Now does not endorse or any of the interviewers beliefs or values"

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Jermaine Hollman
Justin Webb
Mac Lawson
Yana K.
Celebrity Hairstylist Carlos Ortiz
Sifu Rahsun Herkul
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